Feeding of young birds with drencher

Feeding the birds with Drencher, their types and applications

Drenching gun, eingabespritze

Feeding the birds with drenchers or drenching guns is extremely important, especially the young birds and pets when there are away from their mothers due to any reason. There are different types of drenchers, which you will experience in following post.

Applications of drenching guns

In pets as well as young poultry, the drenchers or drenching guns are used feeding purpose when there is no possibility of young birds to stay by the mothers.

Types of drenchers

Different types of drencher are available in the market, depending on the dosage, application and made up material is considered to select the specialized drencher.

Tips for Feeding the birds via drenchers

Tipp 1: Select the proper drencher

Feeding spoon for birds

Fig: Feeding spoon for birds

This is extremely important to select the proper drencher based on the age and type of bird. Also consider the Consistency of the material. There are different types of drenchers are available in the market. Try to explore the web-shop in Germany and web-shop in United Kingdom

Tipp 2: Maintain the drencher properly

Clean the drencher after every use with water. In some cases depending upon the material of drencher it can be boiled at 120 C.

Tipp 3: After usage proper cleaning and use of lubricant

Clean waterers routinely with soap and water, followed by oiling in the plunger for smooth operations.

Tipp 4: Replacement of damaged parts

This is extremely important to replace the damaged parts on regular basis. If the drencher is not capable for part replacement, it should be replace completely with new drencher

Tipp 5: Changing or life cycle of  drenching gun

Usually, the drencher can usable up to one year, however, there is not a rule of thumb for the replacement. its totally depends on the usage and wear and tear of drencher.

Further Information

For further information and details of the drenchers can be read on following blogs and websites:
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In conclusion, it is fundamental to feed the young birds Properly so that they could become healthy adult birds later in their life span. Selection of right drencher is the key.

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Feeding of young birds with drencher
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